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The Submission Process at MyWorldArt.com consists of 3 steps that can be completed in any order. It's as easy as 1-2-3.



  1. Fill out our SUBMISSION FORM (Please note that the information filled out on the information form will be displayed next to your art AS-IS. So you may want to proofread the form before submitting)
  2. Email an image of your art to: submissions@myworldart.com .
  3. Pay us. $3 for two months recurring. Once you sign up the price is guaranteed to stay at $3 for every two months. Even if we decide to raise the price, once you start payment you will be allowed to renew for your original price. Cancel anytime.

    You DO NOT have to sign up for PayPal to submit payment. Just click on the link that says Use Your Credit Card or Bank Account.


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If you have any questions email Help@myworldart.com

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